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Bread Journeys

In 2013 I was offered the opportunity to bake the bread for The Foundling Museum‘s annual ‘Soup for 100’ event. The thought of baking loaves to be eaten by a gather of 100 people, including some I’ve long thought of as heroes, meant that the whole journey was a coming of age for me as a baker. I wrote about the experience for Real Bread Campaign magazine True Loaf:

Walking Cities

In February 2014 I started delivering a Department of Health programme of work in the city of Norwich. The Walking Cities Programme is focused on tackling health inequalities through getting people travelling actively.

Throughout the year I was asked to write several blogs about my work for Living Streets. Read about some of the key topics that came up through the programme below:

March 2014 – Talking ’bout a walking cities revolution

October 2014 – QI, Stephen Fry and some moving facts

April 2015 – A walkable city needs small ideas

March 2015 – A walkable city needs people power

February 2015 – A walkable city needs self confidence


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