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237fc37My name is Dan Harris and I’m a passionate and authentic communicator who has set up organisations, created movements and won awards.

Now that I’m working freelance developing my own practice I have the freedom to offer organisations and projects my skills and experience in the following areas.

What I offer

Presenting your organisation at its best:

Increasing the potency of your work:

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Project and business plan writing and development

Bringing new resources into your organisation:

  • Community fundraising campaign building (inc. crowdfunding)
  • Grant application writing and development
  • Network building

If you’d like to explore working with me or just wanna say hi do contact me at

My career

Identifying social and environmental problems and seeking meaningful lasting solutions is a common theme throughout my career history from leading organisations to tackle youth unemployment through to shaping initiatives to tackle health inequalities. I have set up two co-operatives with social aims, and delivered health initiatives that altogether have engaged over 30,000 people.

Building trusted relationships with a breadth of stakeholders is fundamental to my approach. I have workplace experience of local authority, national charity, social enterprise, commercial and voluntary sector organisations.

See my full career here on LinkedIn.

I also reached the final of the World Pooh Stick Championships in 2008.


Kettlegun: Animal, vegetable or mineral?     

dic desc 2Realising as a teenager the vast potential of the internet and the importance of being identifiable in searches I created the word ‘kettlegun’ as something more unique than my name (Dan Harris).

After applying this word to areas of my work and internet identity for 20 years I finally decided to define the word based on how I’ve been using it throughout its life.


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