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Making Media

Event and project photography is about capturing the magic of moments… 

WO-MAN-ITY is an important annual moment for Young Women’s Music Project to bring people together to explore the issues surrounding gender and sexuality whilst also celebrating the arts and culture of their community.

The moments which The Vitality Centre creates for its customers are all about a wide range of experiences of calm and rejuvenation all under one roof.


Social media campaigns are strongest when they are built around a simple idea…

A simple idea: one song + one recipe = a video to inspire cooking

From small beginnings in Oxford on the night of New Years Eve 2012/3 has grown a playful project for sharing a joy of food and music. The growing number of Rock ‘n’ Roll Recipe videos are now hosted on Instructables with detailed instructions you can view and download.




Successful infographics deliver information visually with impact.

One of the sectors for whom I have created infographics to support campaigns is the learning disabled sector. You can view more of my work here at my account.




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